Philosophy Man

Friday, January 30, 2009

Here I am, nearly three years later, finally having figured out how to edit this old blog (it was technologically obsolete and unusable for a long time). So here I go.

I am very ADD, so I will do unto others' brains as I would have mine done by and convey ideas in a rapid-fire and preferably mentally stimulating fashion. They will thus look more like 'thoughts of the day/week/month/year' rather than the usual full-on blogo-autothoughtographical fashion.

I also will try to follow Tolstoy's mandate that I write for me, my own thoughts and feelings in all their insane grandeur, but with the full knowledge of Emerson's line that true genius is to understand that what is true for you is true for all mankind ("Self-Reliance")... well, that may not be true in my case.

We'll see, and let me know.