Philosophy Man

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Philosophy Man

Philosophy Man
I am Chris Foster, philosophy instructor at Brigham Young University, logician, vegetarian, animal rights advocate, folk singer, and all around silly boy ... extraordinaire!

I don't web much, so there is not much here. But knowing that this blog is available for me to post on makes me feel better, like I'm putting it out there ... or at least I know I COULD 'put it out there' if I were to get around to it...

It's like that line in Zoolander: "Sting is my hero. I don't listen to his music, but he's out there making it, and I really respect that."

So, if you are a visitor to this site, just think about the thoughts that you WISH that I would post. Think those thoughts, and imagine that I had actually posted them here. That's what I've thereby meta-posted.

This is therefore YOUR web page. Comment accordingly (to your own thoughts that you would have posted if you were me).


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